New train livery

New Subway livery

The rollout of our new branded trains has begun! We now have a full three-carriage painted train operating on the Subway in Glasgow. It’s a dramatic change from our old ‘carmine and cream’ livery and, going on the responses from our popular @GlasgowSubway Twitter feed, passengers on the system love the change.

The branding will eventually be rolled out to the majority of SPT’s Subway fleet, although trains will carry messages from our advertisers as and when sponsorship deals are agreed.

The new SPT branding has been styled by Glasgow firm Stand Design and features a nostalgic hint at the Subway’s much-loved ‘Clockwork Orange’ colour but with a modern grey/white twist.

The font now being adopted as SPT-standard for all text on posters, trains and signage is Klavika, which is the same as used in the logo of Facebook.

Design firm Stand said: “Creating a brand for a transport network, like most brands, begins with a clear requirement to communicate values, culture and personality. Just as importantly, it needs to function as a visible beacon, an easily understood wayfinding and information system.

“We’ve created a brand that does just this, aiding a simple and easy flow through the journey process, one that is highly recognisable, professional, attractive and improves our communication, as well as being ownable to Strathclyde.”