Walking the tunnels

people in tunnel

A group of members from SPT’s Partnership this week visited the Subway after hours to walk the tunnels and learn more about our modernisation plans.

Councillors Bill Perrie (Renfrewshire), Kaye Harmon (North Lanarkshire), Gilbert Davidson (Glasgow) and Ian Gray (South Lanarkshire) and appointed member Gavin Scott, were given a below ground look at some of the challenges faced in keeping the Subway running.

They were accompanied by Assistant Chief Executive Eric Stewart, Valerie Bowen from Partnership Support and Flagmen Steve Shannon and Martin Doyle.

Former SPT member, now MSP for Glasgow East, John Mason was also in attendance. The group were dropped at Hillhead Station shortly after midnight and walked through the tunnels to Partick, looking at what challenges our engineers face in terms of nightshift maintenance and to see just why modernisation is so important.

They also saw the train wash in operation and learned how the Subway control room operates.

Pictured within the Broomloan depot are (R-L): John Mason MSP, Gavin Scott, Ian Gray, Gilbert Davidson, Val Bowen, Kaye Harmon and Bill Perrie.