A Fishy Tale on the Glasgow Subway


The Subway might well pass under Glasgow’s most famous river, but it has never been known for the transport of live fish until now.

This week the network helped ferry a shoal of over a hundred young trout along with 20 primary six pupils from the city’s Oakgrove Primary.

The children have spent the last two months nurturing fish eggs in a classroom hatchery as part of the Clyde River Foundation’s Clyde in the Classroom project.

Once the fish were old enough to be released into the River Kelvin, the Subway was only too happy to help transport these unusual passengers from St George’s Cross to Kelvinbridge.

Trout are known to make long journeys from the open sea up the Clyde to its feeder rivers, but starting their trip by Subway was a unique experience for them.

Subway owner SPT (Strathclyde Partnership for Transport) was delighted the pupils had so much fun carrying the fish from their school to the River Kelvin via the network.

A spokesperson for SPT said: “We’ve had plenty of unusual events on the Subway down the years, but never something as fishy as this.

“It’s great to see the Subway being the preferred choice of transport for Oakgrove Primary School’s trout and we are pretty sure the journey from St George’s Cross to Kelvinbridge is downstream.

“We’re sure the Subway’s gentle shoogle might help them adjust to the choppy river water they’ll be making their new home too.”