Spooky goings on at SPT Subway stations


To celebrate the spookiest time of year, ghoulish figures will be trick or treating passengers outside Strathclyde Partnership for Transport’s (SPT) Buchanan Street and St Enoch Subway stations between 1 and 4pm this Halloween (Wednesday 31 October).

As you’d expect on the world’s third-oldest Subway system, several stations have their own eerie tales to tell, including:

  • The Beautiful Lady Ghost of Hillhead, clad in a 1930s evening gown, can be spotted strolling up and down the platform singing. She is said to have an air of happiness and frivolity, making her one of the Subway’s friendliest ghosts!
  • Despite coming from a wealthy family, popular local eccentric Robert Cobble fell into poverty and tragically lost his sight in a vicious attack in the early 1900s. Robert met an untimely end, dying from the cold near West Street station and there have been sightings of the ‘blue, blind beggar’ huddled outside the entrance …
  • The Cat Ghost of St Enoch comes out to play between the hours of midnight and 3am. The frightful feline, who has only ever been witnessed by engineers working late at night, is said to have a playful nature and scampers up and down the platform before disappearing into thin air!

SPT’s trick or treaters aren’t nearly scary as some of the ones mentioned above, so if you’re passing through Buchanan Street or St Enoch between 1 – 4pm this Halloween, grab some spooky sweeties!