Ghostly kitty spotted at St Enoch

april fools

Workers on Glasgow’s Subway fear the discovery of a skeleton at St Enoch’s station during recent modernisation work has awakened a feline spirit.

Brickwork in a tunnel, thought to date back to the original opening of the Subway in 1896, was removed to reveal a caudal vertebrae (tail bone), the femur (hind leg) and scapula (shoulder bone) of an extraordinarily large housecat.

The long deceased creature, dubbed “BigPuss” by the workers, would have measured well over 18 inches tall.

Since the discovery, workers – used to having the station all to themselves in the early hours of the morning — have reported seeing a ghostly image of a “giant black cat” run down the St Enoch platform and across railway lines.

The encounters have all occurred between midnight and 3am with many workers reporting that the playful creature scampers up and down the platform as if chasing a mouse or a ball of string.

And several have reported hearing scratching and purring noises echoing down the tunnels, despite the fact no trains are running.

Subway nightshift worker Lia Prolof said:

“After a few folk mentioned a cat running round the station, we couldn’t get our heads round how it could get in after closing time without anyone noticing and why none of us could find BigPuss during our maintenance checks. We even tried leaving out a dish of cat food with no joy.

“However, last night, I couldn’t believe my own eyes when a large black cat appeared from nowhere and jumped across the platform onto the rail and just seemed to vanish without a trace.

“It was even more creepy when I heard meowing noises coming from behind me despite seeing the animal running in the opposite direction. I know black cats are meant to be lucky but this has really spooked me and makes the nightshift much more interesting now.”