New maintenance block opens its doors

People at opening of wellfare facility

Subway Maintenance Staff to benefit from new £500,000 amenity.

A significant rebuild of accommodation at SPT’s Subway depot in Govan is ready for Subway staff to move in to.

From Friday 17 May the new modular-style building will welcome the first of over 70 Subway maintenance staff who will be based there.

SPT Chief Executive Gordon Maclennan said:

“Fundamental to SPT’s overall Subway modernisation plans is the need to modernise working practices and to make sure staff have the appropriate facilities to work effectively and efficiently in future.

“This state of the art facility will, I’m sure, show that SPT is committed to looking after staff welfare and improving their working environment.

“We consulted fully with staff on the designs and have included some high-tech features like a ground source heating system, which will make the building environmentally efficient and more cost effective to run.”

The two-storey building provides modern staff amenities (changing rooms, showers, toilets and lockers), a mess/kitchen area as well as dedicated office space for Union representatives.

It also features leading edge renewable technology. A ground source heat pump system uses pipes within boreholes that are drilled more than 250 metres into the ground to extract heat. That is used to heat radiators and water for the entire building. Heat pumps have minimal impact on the environment and the heat extracted from the ground is constantly being renewed naturally.

Designs were the subject of an extensive consultation with SPT staff and the building was constructed in just over six months.