Smart Subway half-way there

smart gates

The installation of new automatic gates at Govan Subway means that eight of the fifteen stations are now ready for the forthcoming smart card.

SPT is introducing smart technology to replace the old magnetic stripe ticketing that has been used since the Subway was last modernised in the 1970s. Mag-stripe tickets operate with outdated turnstile gates and very restricted technology which is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. New smart gates will enable customers to use plastic re-usable smart tickets which can be topped up online and minimise queuing at stations.

The new smart system is being delivered in a phased approach across the Subway network. During the transition period, we are operating with two systems (magnetic stripe and smart) in parallel in order to make the changeover as smooth as possible for our customers. Currently, tickets can be used with an old mag-stripe gate or when a new smart gate goes live. Although there are significant technology challenges with two systems operating in tandem, SPT’s focus is on minimising passenger disruption.

A fully smart Subway system will be delivered in time for Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games in 2014.

Subway stations fitted with new smart gates are –

  • West Street
  • Kinning Park
  • Bridge Street
  • Cessnock
  • Cowcaddens
  • St George’s Cross
  • Shields Road
  • Govan