Smart customers save money

smart ticket gates

Subway customers who use Smartcards will continue to benefit from the best prices.

From Sunday 24 November, a reduced price all-day ticket is available to Smartcard holders and from January 2014, new 7-day and 28-day ticket prices will also be available only to customers with a Smartcard.

The 5,000  and counting Smartcard holders have a number of ticket types available, all of which give big savings on the cost of the non-reusable tickets*.

  • Unlimited all-day travel using pay-as-you-go at a discounted price of £2.60  – a £1.20 saving
  • 7-day tickets are available for £12.00 – a huge £14.60 saving
  • 28-day tickets are available for £45.00 – a massive £61.40 saving


SPT’s new smart ticketing went live on Monday 11 November in all 15 Subway Stations. Customers can register online for their FREE personal Smartcard, which features their photograph and unique reference number.

Registered Smartcards give Subway passengers a more convenient, faster and more secure way to pay for their travel. The cards can be topped up at any station, will reduce queuing time and if you damage or lose your card, SPT will have a record of your balance and can issue a new Smartcard with your existing balance or season tickets reinstated.

If you would like to take advantage of the significant Smartcard savings and you haven’t registered yet, you can register for FREE now to receive your card within 10 working days.

You can also purchase a non-registered Smartcard at stations for an administration fee of £3. The non-registered Smartcard will give the flexibility, convenience and the savings of the registered Smartcard but SPT won’t have a record of your balance to issue replacement cards.

*All-day travel on non-reusable tickets is available for £3.80. Savings for 7 and 28-day passes are calculated using the All-day non-reusable ticket price.