Subway fares are changing

Get Smart

SPT would like to remind our Subway customers that fares are changing as of Monday 6 January 2014. The new fares will see Smartcard holders benefit from the best prices available.

SPT has spent the last few months introducing smart technology across the Subway system and encouraging our customers to move to smart ticketing.

Customers on Smartcard will have access to season passes exclusive to them and can enjoy the many benefits smart travel brings – less queues and free to join.

SPT has been in and around the Subway over the past few weeks to ask customers what they think about the new Smartcard. The feedback has been very positive with customers saying that they find their smartcards easy and convenient to use.

Subway fares have remained the same for more than 18 months – with some special ticket deals being made available throughout modernisation.

Smartcard holders will see no change to the cost of a single journey and the cost of Smartcard unlimited all day travel will remain at £2.70 – saving you £1.30 on the price of a paper ticket.

If you would like to take advantage of the significant Smartcard savings and you haven’t registered yet, we would urge you to register for FREE now to receive your card within 10 working days.*

Smartcard fares

Price details for Subway tickets.
Adult Child
Single £1.40 £0.70
Daily cap (NEW) £2.70 £1.35
7 day ticket £13.00 £6.50
28 day ticket £50.00 £25.00
6 Month ticket (NEW) £250 £125
12 Month ticket (NEW) £450 £225

* Smartcards purchased in station incur a £3 admin charge. Personalised Smartcards are FREE.

Other tickets (disposable)

Adult Child
Single £1.60 £0.70
Return £3.00 £1.35
All day Unlimited travel for one day £4.00 N/A

Concessionary Fares

Concession Price
Single £0.90
Return £1.30

Parking Prices

Park & Ride Includes parking where available £5.00
4 week parking season ticket £50.00
12 week parking season ticket £135.00
24 week parking season ticket £255.00

N.B. All debit/credit card transactions less than £5 are subject to a 50p charge.