Well done to our festive winners


Almost 100 people entered SPT’s Christmas quiz and 17 of you showed off your superior SPT and seasonal knowledge by getting a whopping full marks on our quiz.

We’ve selected winners at random and they are:

First prize – Andy Bent from Hamilton is our lucky winner of an Alasdair Gray Hillhead mural commemorative tile.

Second prize – Kelly McCracken from Hillington scooped second prize winning one month’s free Subway travel.

Third prize – Ronnie Henderson also from Hamilton came third winning a bag of SPT goodies.

If you want to find out where you need to scrub up on your knowledge, please find the questions and answers from our festive quiz below.

  1. The Subway opened and Scotland recorded its warmest temperature on Christmas day – what is the year? – 1896
  2. What is the chemical formula of snow? – H2O
  3. How many trips on the Outer Circle would Santa need to take to match the number of miles he covers on his Christmas Eve deliveries? – 27 million times
  4. Pine needles are said to be a good source of which vitamin? – Vitamin C
  5. What do Hillhead Subway and the First Minister’s 2011 Christmas card have in common? – They both feature Alasdair Gray artworks
  6. What Christmas-time song did James Pierpont compose in 1857? – Jingle Bells
  7. The average number of Christmas cards sent from each household is the same as the number of new bike spaces created by SPT in November. Do you know the number? – 30
  8. What is Santa’s favourite mode of transport? – Sleigh