SPT’s new Greenock Bike Parking is already being put to good use

greenock bike shelter

Cycling to work or your nearest public transport station during one of the wettest winters in a good while might not seem that appealing but that’s not the case for SPT’s own David Bruce.

David, SPT Facility Officer, has started cycling to work since the installation of a new Bike Parking at Greenock Bus Station in December 2013. David, who has worked for SPT for seven and half years, cycles two miles to work most mornings – come rain or shine.

David took up cycling three years ago when he purchased a bike through SPT’s cycle to work scheme to take up distance cycling. He takes his bike to work because it is a quick, cheap and easy way to travel. Having his bike at work allows him to go for a longer 14 mile cycle on the way home.

The Bike Parking at Greenock can accommodate up to 10 bikes and it is covered by CCTV.  The parking is also under cover, which is handy in this wet weather.

When we asked David what he thought of the new Bike Parking, he said:

“It is a great facility. I’ve been cycling for a while now and it is great that I can now build it in to my working day. I’ve also used it to get to the bus station when I am travelling into Glasgow. I know that my bike is secure as there is CCTV and my bike will be dry when I get back as it is under cover.

“Before we had the bike shelter there were a few cyclists who just used the railings to lock up their bikes, which wasn’t ideal for SPT or the customer. I think as we approach summer the Bike Parking will be really popular and people will be vying for spaces. Hopefully I’m here early enough that I’ll be guaranteed to get mine!”

SPT has directly installed or supported the development of bike parking at more than 16 sites. This investment is part of a wider initiative across the Strathclyde to encourage people to consider active travel and help cyclists make connections with public transport. Over the course of 2013/14, SPT has invested more than £2m to help people get on their bikes. In addition to new Bike Parking at a number of stations, we have invested in improvements including resurfacing of cycle paths and lighting along routes. 

David is setting an excellent example for SPT staff and our customers. We would like to see more people building bikes into their journeys – getting out of cars and taking part in active travel and using public transport.

Why don’t you find out if there is a cycle route that can take you from your door to a nearby public transport station or directly to work?