Subway Cramming

japanese station

If you thought your ride on the Subway was busy this morning – think again! Glasgow doesn’t just have one of the oldest underground systems in the world, it is also one of the most civilised.

Things are very different elsewhere in the world, as a brief YouTube video we linked to on our @GlasgowSubway twitter feed recently made perfectly clear.

Tokyo’s “Oyisha” – Subway “pushers” or “stuffers” – are tasked with making sure passengers can get on trains. By literally shoving them… squeezing them… cramming them… into packed carriages.

In fast growing China – the world’s biggest country – things can be even more intense, as these snippets of everyday life show. The first gives a sense of the sheer scale of the transport challenge facing Beijing (population 21 million).

In this one, an American tourist records what it is like to be on the platform of the Beijing underground during rush hour. Claustrophobics should look away now.

In Central America, the subway system in Mexico City presents its own challenges. We love this clip illustrating the volume of people.

And finally, if you do ever curse your luck when you don’t manage to get on the train you wanted, take a deep breath and consider what passengers are up to in Bogota, Columbia. Definitely don’t be trying this here please!