Got your holiday booked yet?

Metro sign in Paris - horizontal, close-up

If not, we thought you might like a lightning trip around five of the best Subways of the World – after Glasgow’s of course.

Clean and efficient, le Paris Metro is a fabulous way to see a spectacular city. Look out for the iconic art nouveau entrances – 83 original creations still survive, dating back to 1900. These beautiful canopies, designed by Hector Guimard, were highly controversial when they were introduced and have been gifted to other subways elsewhere, including Montreal, Santiago and Mexico City.

It’s also a great place to run into an accordion player, or busker.

The Moscow subway is unlike anything else. Some stations look more like art galleries than commuter spots.

And it’s packed, currently the second busiest subway in the world with 194 stations, 202 miles of track and 6.73 million passengers each day.

Plus there’s the fact it is steeped in the history of the Cold War. Stalin’s communist regime enlisted British engineers from the London Underground to help build the network, accused them of spying and staged a show trial before deporting them in 1933.

Mexico City

The Mexico City Metro – officially the Sistema de Transporte Colectivo, or STC – is the second largest metro system in North America after the New York with 1.6 billion passenger each year.

A common feature of the Metro were thousands of Mexicans selling anything from pirate CDs to drinks to passengers. This black economy was the subject of a crackdown earlier this year but the traders swore they would stay.

Montreal Metro
Montreal’s rather modern system of 68 stations on 4 lines was only started in 1966 and as of 2010 had transported over seven billion passengers. And if that doesn’t excite you, what about the amazing fact that its subway trains all use wooden brakes.

Incredibly, the Canadians have figured out that wooden brake shoes are considerably quieter than other varieties, and being a nation that doesn’t like to make a fuss, that’s what they quietly put on their trains. Many of which have rubber tyres, another way of cutting down on noise.

Montreal’s system is also the victim of perhaps the world’s campest subway advertising campaign as this clip on YouTube suggests. All together now: Il fait beau dans l’metro!

Seoul Subway System
Is huge and attracts a fiercely passionate following for many reasons. For instance, it has heated seats, free wifi, TV screens on the trains … lovely!

It has even inspired a fairly cheery song. Well… not exactly Gangnam Style…