An interview with Simon Smart

simon smart

Our man Simon Smart has been out and about spreading the word about the smartest way to get around the Subway – using the Smartcard.

Simon popped up last week at the West End Festival and afterwards we sent a reporter to grab a few minutes with him. Here’s the interview:

Hi Simon, I hear you have been enjoying the festival?
I’ve been loving it thanks. I’ve met so many amazing people – and it was just so easy to get to the events. I hopped on the Subway and with one flash of my Smartcard… Here I am!

The Smartcard is very much your thing, isn’t it? How much did it cost you to get one?
That’s the best bit – it costs nothing! Not only that, compared with other ways of buying tickets, a Smartcard means you save money every time you top it up for travel. And then there are the incredible offers!

Offers on cheaper travel you mean?
Offers on all sorts of things! If you have a Smartcard you can get a book of discounts and offers  for businesses close to subway stations. So you can save while you eat, party and shop! It’s called the Upper Circle – you need to check it out.

simon smart and clyde the thistle

I will. I heard you met Clyde recently, the mascot from the Commonwealth Games 2014?
He’s a great guy – we bumped our Styrofoam heads together. And those hands – he has big hands! He’s promised to keep me up to date with all the action in July and August – I can’t wait.

And when will you be out and about again?
Having a wee break at the moment – Festivals really take it out of you – but I’ll be back on the Subway to spread the word. So look out for me – and remember. Get Smart, get a Smartcard.