The Incredible History of the Citz

Citizens Theatre

There were plenty of smiles around Glasgow when it was announced that the Citizen’s Theatre has been earmarked for £5 million in National Lottery funding that will see it renovated and gain a stunning new look.

The Citz is a Glasgow institution. Located in the Gorbals, a short walk from Bridge Street Subway Station, it is a theatre unlike any other in the UK.

Not only has it fostered innovation on stage, it has always promoted openness, with special deals for those on low income.

For many fans of the Citz, memories are of course made on stage. So we’ve done a little digging and with the help of the theatre’s own Flickr feed, we’ve come up with a few of the big names who have appeared there.

Rupert Everett – 1979-1982
Everett was famously thrown out of acting school for insubordination and travelled to Glasgow where he landed a job with the Citzen’s rep company.

Ciaran Hinds – 1970s
The Irish actor is well known these days for his role as Mance Rayder in HBO’s Game of Thrones, but his acting debut was as the “back end of a horse” in Cinderella at the Citizens. Hinds joined the company in the 1970s, no photo of the horse seems to have survived, sadly.

Helen Baxendale – 1992-94
Baxendale appeared at the Citizens as a member of the company from where she was talent spotted for her breakthrough TV role, as the straight talking new doctor Dr Claire Maitland in Cardiac Arrest. She went on to become a household name thanks to starring roles in ITV’s Cold Feet and the US super sitcom Friends.

Miriam Margolyes – 2011
Miriam Margolyes – Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter films – led the cast for a brilliant production of A Day in the Death Of Joe Egg. Her co-star was Balamory favourite turned stand up star Miles Jupp.

"A Day In The Death Of Joe Egg"

David Hayman – 2011
In 2011 the Citz welcomed back David Hayman, one of Scotland’s greatest actors, for a production of King Lear. Hayman had last appeared at the Citz 33 years previously during a ten year stint in its repertory theatre.

Sam Shepherd – 2013
The veteran, multi award winning American actor came to Glasgow with a production of his play True West, which starred Alex Ferns and Eugene O’Hare. Although he didn’t appear on stage, he took part in a memorable question and answer session.