Shoogle with WiFi

subway wifi

Need WiFi? Doesn’t everyone?

It’s been a good week for everyone in Glasgow with a smartphone or tablet as council leader Gordon Matheson has announced an eight year deal with BT that provided free WiFi throughout a large portion of the city centre.

This makes Glasgow the first city in the UK to launch a council led scheme to provide free access to the internet.

Which is great news – and a good excuse, we thought, to remind you that there is also free WiFi in all 15 of our subway stations, courtesy of The Cloud.

Subway trains run regularly throughout the day, but even a few minutes on a platform can be a great excuse to share on social media, check the latest sporting chatter, or catch up with the news.

In fact, we’re quite proud of the fact that the Subway was the first network of its kind to offer such a facility – all the way back in 2008. Before WiFi was available on the London Underground, for instance.

We have a good sense of just how popular it is thanks to our Twitter feed – @GlasgowSubway. And we know plenty of you are checking for up to date travel information while using the WiFi in the stations, so why not check out our new feed just for travel updates – @GLASubwaytravel?

So the next time you Shoogle, remember to use the WiFi. There’s no excuse not to be in touch!