Didn’t the Games go well?


Seven years since the bid was won and who could have conceived that Glasgow 2014 would end up being touted as the ‘best Commonwealth Games ever’?

Well it was.

The city truly came alive with an electric atmosphere, which can only be attributed to one thing – the people.

Over the course of the Games, SPT’s Subway and Buchanan Bus Station played a vital role in getting spectators to venues on time and keeping the city moving as a whole. The resounding travel advice was simple: “plan ahead and allow extra time for your journey”.

Passengers duly took the advice on board, smiling in the process, meaning that what might have been a marathon effort was in fact a fun and exciting time. Enhanced frequency of trains, extended opening hours and hundreds of extra staff were required during Games time in order for SPT to meet the huge demand and were well received by customers according to the extremely positive feedback.

We managed to get out and about Glasgow during Games time, capturing the atmosphere (and maybe a few nice words from our passengers, too).