Kelvinbridge station prepares for a new look


SPT has appointed Graham Construction to carry out preparatory works at Kelvinbridge to get the Subway ready for modernisation.

The work will take place within the station’s lower concourse level. Temporary walls and flooring will be erected to enable the discrete removal of tiling, flooring and walls while inspection and repairs get underway. Those temporary surfaces are envisaged to remain in place until winter 2015.

SPT will then progress with a full scale modernisation of Kelvinbride station to make it a bright, modern and more accessible facility. The look will be similar to Hillhead, Kelvinhall, Partick, Ibrox and St Enoch stations.

The majority of preparatory works will take place during Subway operational hours. Although some additional noise may be generated as a result, SPT and Graham Construction are committed to keeping any disruption to a minimum.

Construction staff will endeavour to stop loud work and avoid removing debris while passengers are disembarking trains and entering/exiting the station.

Graham Construction will also use an area in the car park adjacent to the station for welfare facilities and skips will be in place for waste disposal.

SPT and Graham Construction have written to residents in the immediate vicinity of Kelvinbridge station to notify them about this work and notices will be in place to advise Subway customers.

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