St Enoch Modernisation update

st enoch south

The new look St Enoch station continues to take shape with a second glass and steel canopy soon to be installed at the Howard Street (south facing) entrance.

This canopy is an exact replica of the Argyle Street entrance, which is close to completion.

Finishing touches to the north entrance are underway, as new lighting columns are about to be installed.

Further works ongoing at St Enoch include preparing the station for three new lifts – one from ground to concourse level and two from the concourse to platforms.

The large stairwell at the south entrance will be reconfigured to accommodate one of the new lift shafts and ticket gates will be installed immediately adjacent to both lifts from concourse to platform level.

This is the first time lift access has been made available in the Subway. The full potential of the new lifts will come into play when Govan also has lifts installed in future stages of Subway Modernisation.

The £5.3 million extensive refurbishment at St Enoch, one of the busiest stations on the system, is anticipated to be complete Summer 2015.

Watch the time lapse video of the overnight installation of two new escalators at St Enoch.