SPT signs up 100,000th Smart customer

SPT has signed up its 100,000th Smart customer with the lucky recipient receiving a year’s free Subway travel.

Rizwan Akhtar, from Barrhead in East Renfrewshire, uses the Subway for all-day park and ride at Shields Road to get into St Enoch in Glasgow City Centre; and also to get to Hillhead to attend his evening class at Glasgow University.

Rizwan said:

“The Subway is convenient for me to get it from where I stay, as parking in town is expensive and time consuming due to traffic in the morning and evening. The Subway gives me some time to relax before getting into work and heading home.

“I thought getting a Smartcard and joining the Upper Circle was a good idea as I was told it was easy to top up for journeys especially when using the all-day travel option.

“Getting a year’s free travel has been a great bonus!”

Rizwan received a 100,000 Smart certificate and his new travel card with his year’s free Subway travel at St Enoch station from Subway senior operations officer John McGoldrick.

John said:

“It’s been a pleasure to meet Rizwan today and handover his Smartcard which will make travelling in and out of the City Centre and to Hillhead much more convenient.”