Plan ahead – get your Subway replacement bus ticket now!

In advance of the Subway suspension from 2 to 31 July, passengers can now purchase a £40 replacement bus service ticket. This ticket offers you unlimited use on all Subway replacement buses throughout the suspension period.

The ticket is available to buy in advance from Subway ticket offices from 3-30 June.

During the four-week period, a comprehensive replacement bus service will be provided for Subway passengers who are encouraged to “turn up as normal” and we’ll get you to your destination.

The bus service follows the Subway route with additional direct services to the city centre from key stations, including our Park and Ride facilities at Bridge Street, Kelvinbridge and Shields Road. Services will be every five minutes at peak times and every ten minutes during off-peak.

The work being carried out is an essential part of the Subway’s modernisation and involves a full replacement of the section in the tunnels known as “ramps and turnouts”.

This section connects the surface depot at Broomloan with the tunnels and was installed almost 40 years ago and now must be fully replaced to ensure a reliable Subway service for future operation.

We’ve introduced a simple flat fare structure for the replacement bus service of £1 single journey / £2 return and £2.50 all day ticket. Alternatively, you can purchase the £40 ticket to cover all your bus journeys during the suspension.

All information on the Subway suspension and the replacement bus service is available at: