A timely look at the Subway suspension

New timelapse videos showing the works that took place during the recent suspension are now available.

The first shows the clearing of the ‘North’ chamber where the trains enter the system and move to the Inner or Outer circle. You can see the beginning of the work where the contractor cleared the old rail and then dug out the old concrete from the area.



Work then began to install the new rail, which involved placing 1487 blocks weighing 92 kilos each, before laying rail on top. Once this was in, the concrete pour began. In total we have poured 2400 tonnes of concrete / 1200m3 – equivalent to half an Olympic pool or 14 average houses.

The second timelapse follows activities on the ramp area, where the trains move from above ground to below, this was the main access point for all the equipment to enter the chambers.



We’ve also added some more photos to show the extent of work achieved during the suspension.

North chamber and box tunnel complete

South turnout chamber complete

Ramp and tunnel entrance complete

Tunnel lining

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