SPT snow saviours

Buchanan Bus Station played host to 60 plus stranded passengers overnight as buses to Edinbugh, Oban, Campbelltown, and London were all cancelled.

Many passengers were travelling in family groups with young children. Staff at the bus station have been with their unexpected guests overnight providing them with foil blankets, hot drink and food from the cafeteria and ensuring there is formulae milk for babies.

Customer services and security manager Michael Ferrie said:

“Staff were, as always, absolutely brilliant and immediately stepped up to the challenge when it became obvious that no buses with any operator were able to go anywhere.

“We ensured we were able to source foil blankets, additional heaters and started to get settled for the evening and the night ahead. All the staff, without exception and without complaint, willingly stayed on to do an extra shift as they just felt that they couldn’t go home and leave people. All the passengers were extremely grateful and we all tried to make the best of it, we even managed a wee sing song at one point to keep spirits up!”

Some of our Buchanan Bus Station guests are still at the station and remain that hopeful that some bus services will resume again later this afternoon. Passengers traveling to London did manage to get away this morning on one overnight bus that made it up to Glasgow.