Subway’s 10-week ticket

Tired of topping up? Fed up of queuing every morning? Want to beat the queues and know that you’re getting the cheapest Subway travel? Then Subway’s 10-week ticket is for you.

Not just for students, the 10-week ticket offers commuters and regular travellers the option of buying 10 weeks Subway travel upfront for £120.

Sound like too much money…. then think again. If you still buy a return paper ticket Monday to Friday, then you’re currently paying £160 for 10 weeks travel. If you switch to a 10-week ticket on Smartcard then you’re saving £40 every 10 weeks.

It’s unlimited too meaning you can use it 7 days a week, as often as you like and you’re covered. And buying one couldn’t easier, it’s available online only so simply login and pay. No cash needed just your trusty Smartcard!

Haven’t got a Smartcard yet? Sign up for one today.

It’s perfect for school kids too, at just £60 you can lock in their school travel each term. Plus, if your Smartcard is lost then it’s easily replaced, along with any season tickets or remaining credit hassle free.

It really couldn’t be easier, so start saving today.

For more information contact our Smartcard team.

  • Available online only
  • Exclusively for Smartcard customers. Customers with a Smartcard purchased in stations are not valid.