My Glasgow, My Subway

Glasgow is home to a fantastic array of characters, from the everyday to the extraordinary – the city has it all. Each of them unique and with their own story to tell.

We’re taking some time to get to know six of these characters, familiar to us all, and their #MyGlasgowMySubway stories.

Meet Lawrence. He’s a drag queen from Glasgow, gigging almost every night of the week. Subway runs until 23:40, Monday – Saturday so getting home safe after one of his gigs has never been easier for him, or his fans.

However, making the decision to go home after one of Lawrence’s gigs isn’t so easy, especially when you’re in the middle of the party city!

Speaking of the party city, Holly, Ian and Ross from Freakender know all about throwing a brilliant night out. They’re music promoters and DJ’s, bringing together the best underground music and putting it on display around Glasgow.

Promoter life can be pretty tiring, but they don’t need to worry about having to rush about from one gig to another in the same night. They know that Subway can take them where they need to be, fast.

Plus, they’ve always got some extra cash kicking about for one last drink; it’s only £3 to travel all day on the Subway.

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