Oor Charles Rennie: meet the artist

The Oor Wullie statue at St Enoch Subway Station, part of the City Wide BIG Bucket Trail, is proving a tremendous success with visitors from far and wide, young and old, all coming to visit “Oor Charles Rennie”.

The artist behind the SPT sponsored Oor Wullie is artist Sue Guthrie who explained a bit more about her idea to incorporate Charles Rennie Macintosh’s world renowned design into her sculpture.

Sue said:

“I have been involved with Wild in Art events for many years now so when an opportunity came up to work on this project I was delighted.

“I have loved Macintosh’s work since visiting Glasgow School of Art as a student many years ago. I visited again several years later, after the first fire. It really is so sad to see it has happened again. It was very much the Glasgow, Charles Rennie angle that drew me into this project this time.”

Recreating the distinctive Macintosh design onto a 3D irregular structure was not without challenges as Sue explained.

“This was one of the trickiest shapes to transform the design on to and it also quite a tricky design to adapt with so many fine vertical lines. The sculpture was also too large to fit down the passageway to my studio so I ended up having to paint him in my very cramped, dark and spider infested garage! I am very pleased with how it turned out, especially once it was varnished, it looked even better.”

You can still catch Oor Charles Rennie at St Enoch Subway Station, as part of the BIG Bucket Trail, until 30 August.