SPT subsidised bus service changes

Due to the on-going Coronavirus situation, SPT has been working with all its contracted bus operators to revise all current subsidised services across the network.

Until now, SPT has continued to run as many services to their scheduled timetable. However following discussion with operators, it has become clear that with the sudden drop in passenger numbers since the introduction of Government lockdown measures, this is no longer viable.

As no emergency funding has been made available to support these services, SPT has had to carry out a full a review of some 200 subsidised bus services, which have seen a drop of almost 80 per cents of users, and to make necessary cuts in order to preserve funding for services in the longer term.

Working with operators, SPT has agreed to maintain services where they are most needed and to introduce a mix of frequency reductions; cuts in operational hours; and in some cases a temporary suspension to services while the current situation continues to unfold.

As much as possible we have tried to maintain key services where we have seen regular usage by key workers travelling on essential journeys.  Service cancellations have been limited to areas where alternative options already exist, though these may require a departure from a different bus stop than usual which may be a slightly further walk. Should any gaps be identified with the loss of any particular service, we will review this and look at other options to provide any necessary cover.

We will continue to monitor usage and continue to engage with operators and users going forward. Once we have a clear indication from the Government as to when lockdown measures may begin to ease, we will be working with operators to reinstate all SPT supported services as market conditions recover and passenger demand increases.

You can view the status of all subsidised services at:

We recommend you check details before travelling either on the SPT website or at Traveline Scotland, visit: