Face coverings now mandatory when travelling

Face coverings are now mandatory on public transport – trains, buses, and Subway – as well as all stations and interchanges unless an exemption applies such as children under 5 and those with health conditions.

This legal requirement was announced as we move into phase two of the Scottish Government route map out of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Until now, face coverings have been a recommendation but from now there is a legal requirement to wear a face covering when travelling on all public transport and this will be enforced by British Transport Police.  Moving the wearing of face coverings to a mandatory requirement is designed to help you – Stay Safe; Protect Others; and Save Lives.

If you fail to wear a face covering, you could be subject to a fine of £30 (paid within 28 days, £60 thereafter).

For a short time on Monday 22 June, SPT will be distributing face coverings to the public who do not have their own at both its bus stastions and bigger Subway stations.  Please remember to bring your face covering when travelling.

As more restrictions start to ease, we do expect more passengers to travel, please adhere to the official advice.  Travel only when necessary; try to avoid peak times; maintain physical distancing; wearing a face covering is mandatory; pay by card/Smartcard; wash your hands as soon as you can after your journey.

Always consider alternatives to travelling by public transport such as walking or cycling, this will help reduce pressure on the road network and on public transport where capacity will be limited.

Please do not travel if you feel unwell or are experiencing any coronavirus symptoms (new continuous dry cough, fever, loss of or change in your sense of smell or taste, or if you are self-isolating or shielding).