Travelling by Subway


If you are planning to travel by Subway, there are a number of key messages, we ask you to follow for your safety and the safety of others.  These are:

 – Stay at home if you or anyone in your household is experiencing Coronavirus symptoms (new continuous dry cough, fever, or loss/change of your smell or taste) or if you are self-isolating or shielding.

 – Only travel if it is absolutely necessary, or consider alternatives such as walking or cycling.

 – Plan your journey and please leave extra time for travel due to restrictions to the number of people who can travel at any one time.

 – Pay by card or Smartcard.

 – Follow the signage in stations and on trains and try to follow the 1m physical distancing rule.

 – Wear a face covering when travelling which covers your mouth and nose and keep it on for the duration of your journey.

 – Allow fellow passengers to leave the train before boarding.

 – Wash your hands thoroughly as soon as you can with soap and water and /or use a hand sanitiser before and after every transport journey.

Subway stations have been marked out to assist passengers adhere to the 1m physical distancing rule and staff have been issued with face coverings for their use when out in the station or on the trains carrying out mandatory security checks.  They are not required to wear a face covering when working in the ticket office or a driver’s cab when they are physically separated from passengers.

Following the 1m physical distancing rule is a challenge for all transport operators, and the maximum number of passengers who can travel on a train is approximately 35. All passengers should heed Government advice and wear a face covering when travelling. Please consider registering for a Subway smartcard and buying tickets online at If you are buying tickets in the station please pay by card if you can to reduce passengers and staff having to handle cash.  Always let passengers leave the train before boarding.

While SPT as the Subway operator is doing do all it can to ensure a safe journey for passengers, passengers do travel at their own risk and must make their own assessment if it is safe to board a train which may be running close to maximum capacity.

Please treat other passengers and staff with respect. We are all adjusting to these new circumstances but we will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour towards our staff.

For updates and information on services, please follow @GLASubwayTravel