Refreshing COVID 19 travel messages

As we start to see a steady increase in the number of people travelling by Subway, SPT has revised its safe COVID-19 travel messages to passengers.

All those travelling are reminded about the importance of sticking to the rules which are there to protect you, your fellow passengers, and our staff.

– ‘Go the distance’ remember to maintain a safe physical distance when travelling as much as possible.

– ‘Enjoy the quiet life’ and avoid travelling at peak times.

– ‘Take Cover’ is a reminder that passengers must always wear a face covering for the duration of your journey unless you are exempt.

– ‘It stops with you’ asks passengers not to board if they feel they cannot maintain a safe physical distance. Passengers are encouraged to make their own decisions about keeping safe as they travel, and decide for themselves if it is safe for them to board a particular train is if it is busier than they are comfortable with.

– ‘Make a clean getaway’ is a reminder to wash your hands as soon as possible after your journey.

– ‘Easy does it’ encourages passengers to pay by card where possible.

– ‘It’s a journey’ aims to recognise the work we are all doing together – both staff and passengers – to stick to the rules and stay travel safe.