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Keeping South Lanarkshire lunching

When Braehead Lunch Club had to move to Carnwath Village Hall for a six week period whilst Brahead Hall was refurbished – SPT’s MyBus service and South Lanarkshire Council’s Facilities Services pulled out all the stops to keep South Lanarkshire lunching.

Mrs Mary Gibson and her late husband, Allan, founded the Braehead Lunch Club for elderly people 27 years ago. Mary has continued in her dedication to the elderly people of the community and is currently President of the Braehead Lunch and Leisure Club which was recently awarded The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

The club, which started with 35 members, now has 77 regular attendees. The members come from villages and towns across South Lanarkshire. A number of the people who attend don’t have public transport readily available in their area to help them get to the club. Mrs. Gibson has organized for SPT’s MyBus service to collect people direct from their door and drop them back at home so they can come along.

The lunches for the club have, for a long number of years, been prepared by South Lanarkshire Council’s Facilities Services staff at Braehead Primary School and delivered to the hall by Fleet & Environmental Services staff.

The efforts of Mrs. Gibson, supported by the council and SPT, gives elderly people in the South Lanarkshire area a chance to keep active and socialise. When the club’s move to Carnwath Village Hall was announced, SPT worked with the members to ensure they could still get their transport and Facilities staff at Carnwath Primary School stepped up to provide the high standard of lunch and service that members had come to expect.

John Knox, MyBus team leader, said:
“The MyBus service is really valuable for anyone with a mobility issue or those who don’t have ready access to public transport services to get around. Assisting groups, like the elderly people who attend the Braehead lunch club, to keep socially active is a very important part of this service.

“Although it took a little reworking we were more than happy to make sure the club could continue to run for the six weeks it was based in Carnwath.”

Stephen Kelly, Head of the Council’s Facilities, Waste & Ground Services said:
“Working together with the cook-in-charge of Braehead Primary School and the cook-in-charge of Carnwath Primary School we ensured that all orders and supplies were put in place for the move.

“And the Council’s Fleet Services staff accommodated the new delivery arrangements to ensure that everything would run as smoothly as ever and the members of the Lunch Club could continue to enjoy their lunches in their new temporary home without a hitch.”

The works to the Braehead Hall are set to be completed in February this year following an extensive refurbishment costing in the region of £152k. The refurbishment includes upgrading the roof, a complete new heating system, new kitchen, new flooring in the lesser hall, kitchen and toilets and redecoration throughout.

Stephen continued:
“I’m sure members of the Braehead Lunch and Leisure Club will be delighted to return ‘home’ to such a comfortable and attractive venue very soon and our Facilities and Fleet staff will do their utmost once again to make the transition as hassle free as possible.”