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SPT speaks to school pupils about the future for transport in for Govan

Pupils from Govan High School in Glasgow invited Bryan Tennant, Bus Project Development Officer from SPT, to talk about the future for transport in and around the Govan area.

Bryan was filmed for the pupils’ entry into this year’s Brookfield Multiplex Cup, which is run by the Brookfield Multiplex Independent Learning Programme. The Brookfield Multiplex Independent Learning Programme has been set up by the organisation developing the new South Glasgow Hospital to engage with and give back to the communities around the development.

Govan High’s entry to the cup is looking at how the new hospital will help regenerate the area – including improvements to housing, creating job opportunities and improving transport infrastructure and services.

The students are creating a documentary about the on-going work happening across the area to get ready for the South Glasgow Hospital opening. Along with the screening, they will be doing a performance set 25 years in the future talking about the difference the hospital has made to the communities surrounding it.

Talking about the project, Bryan said:

“I was delighted that Govan High thought to invite SPT to participate. It is great news that people growing up in the community recognise the important role that transport has to play in projects like this.

“The pupils seemed interested in what we had to say and I was encouraged by their positivity about the future. They really grasped that the short term disruption would pay dividends in the long term.”

Bryan was interviewed by Chantelle, sixth-year pupil, who asked what SPT is working on to make sure the transport could cope with the increase in people passing through and working in the area. It is estimated that the hospital will create 10,000 jobs and be used by 750,000 patients annually.

Bryan gave an overview of improvements like the upcoming modernisation of Govan Subway, including the installation of a lift, improvements to Govan Bus interchange and he spoke about progress with the implementation of a new rapid bus service ‘Fastlink’.

After speaking with Bryan, Chantelle said:

“It is great to hear about SPT’s plans. It is already mobbed around residential streets in Govan and the new hospital will just bring more cars.

“The new transport links sound like they will help everyone in the community. It will stop cars parking outside people’s houses and it will also be great for people who live here and don’t drive or those who want to use public transport.”

“We’re really grateful that Bryan took the time to come talk to us about what SPT is doing. We’re talking to lots of different organisations and the new hospital is already making a difference, shops are expanding, there are more jobs and we’re getting a faster bus service. Govan is going to be an even better place to live in 25 years!”

SPT is working with partners including Glasgow City Council and the new South Glasgow Hospital to get a better understanding of the impact that its opening will have on transport in the area. SPT is in the process of developing and implementing initiatives to get the transport infrastructure ready for the hospital and to make public transport the cheapest, quickest and easiest method of travel for getting to the hospital.

The pupils will be presenting their submission to the Brookfield Multiplex Cup on Friday 28 March.