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Minutes & Agendas


To all members of the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport

Dear Member

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport – 14 December 2018

I request your attendance at a meeting of the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport to be held at 11.00 am on Friday 14 December 2018 in The Lewis Room, ground floor, 131 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, for the purpose of considering the undernoted business.
Coffee/tea and sandwiches will be available for members at the conclusion of the meeting.
Yours sincerely

Valerie Davidson


direct dial: 0141 333 3298



Item Document name Page Number
1 Apologies N/A
2 Declaration of Interest in terms of the Ethical Standards in Public Life etc (Scotland) Act 2000 – Members are asked at this stage to declare any interests they may have in any of the items on the agenda. Members making a declaration of interest are reminded of the requirement to disclose the existence and nature of that interest. N/A
3 Minute of previous meeting 1-6
4 Committee minutes
(a) Operations Committee of 9 November 2018
(b) Strategy & Programmes Committee of 23 November 2018
(c) Audit & Standards Committee of 30 November 2018
5 Nomination to Traveline Scotland Board 25
6 Subway Modernisation – progress update 27-35
7 Brexit 37-39
8 Scottish Government and COSLA Local Governance Review – SPT response
Copy herewith
9 Glasgow Connectivity Commission – Phase 1 Recommendations 47-50
10 Glasgow City Centre Low Emission Zone – Update 51-60
11 Buchanan Bus Station Refurbishment – Award of Contract 61-64
12 Financial Management System – Award of Contract to ‘Move to the Cloud’ 65-67
13 Award of Managed Network Service and MLPS Circuit Support 69-71
14 Edmiston Drive N/A

It is proposed that the press and public be excluded for item 14 above, it being considered that otherwise there would be disclosure to them of exempt information in terms of paragraph 9 of Part 1 of Schedule 7a to the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973.

Contact Officer:- Heather Maclean 0141 333 3287