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SPT run a JourneyShare scheme in collaboration with JourneyShare allows you to match your trip with others travelling the same journey. It helps reduce congestion and pollution, whilst saving you money!

How JourneyShare works

SPT JourneyShare is free and easy to use. Simply register and select your journey and mode of transport. The matches are displayed in both table and map format, allowing the user to easily find the most suitable people.

Having found a match the user, simply sends an automated email to any likely matches and arranges to travel. The system also calculates the financial and CO2 saving each user is making compared with making that journey by car.

When can I use SPT JourneyShare?

You can use SPT JourneyShare for any journey:

  • Commuting to work
  • Park & Rides
  • Shopping trips
  • School runs
  • Leisure trips and events

If you have a spare seat in your car you can offer a lift or look for a lift if you don’t wish to drive or don’t have a car.

What are the benefits of sharing a car?

  • Saves you money
  • Reduces the number of cars on the road
  • Reduces congestion, pollution and parking problems.