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Park and Ride

Park and Ride Academy Park Airdrie 1

SPT has promoted and funded the development of Park and Ride facilities throughout the region. Park and Ride complements other transport modes such as rail, bus and Subway and provides an additional option for travel to many areas. A successful Park and Ride strategy will encourage greater use of public transport by converting car-only journeys to Park and Ride journeys and will complement active and sustainable travel strategies.

The majority of Park and Ride users in the Strathclyde area are commuters travelling to work who use Park and Ride regularly (three or more times a week) to avoid traffic congestion, minimise the cost of their journey and avoid parking availability problems at their destination. Park and Ride is also used by people travelling for shopping, social, leisure, education and personal business purposes.

Over the past 10 years, SPT has invested over £12 million in developing and expanding Park and Ride across the region including key projects at Croy, Kilwinning, Carluke, Bellshill, Irvine and Johnstone rail stations. More than 4,000 additional Park and Ride spaces have been delivered over this time period across more than two dozen sites in the SPT area, helping to contribute to rail patronage increases since 2008.

To support the Regional Transport Strategy, SPT seeks to invest in additional Park and Ride spaces at many more locations including Barrhead, Motherwell and Cambuslang.  SPT funding is being used to deliver a new 250 space strategic Park and Ride site in conjunction with the new rail station being built at Robroyston due to open late 2019.

SPT will continue to undertake Park and Ride user surveys to monitor performance and inform transport planning activities.   We will also continue to work with our councils to identify further suitable opportunities for expanding Park and Ride in our area.