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Smart gate

As part of the £288m modernisation programme, one of the first improvements delivered was a fully smart ticketing system for the Subway. This is now well-established and more than 200,000 Smartcards have been issued to customers.

The smart ticketing system includes ticket gates and ticket vending machines in all Subway stations, as well as retail terminals in all Subway ticket offices. Customers also benefit from the option to buy tickets online, while a cardholder management system allows SPT to offer extensive customer support.

How it benefits our customers

Subway smart ticketing offers a flexible range of options to suit all customer needs.

Customers can register for their free Smartcard providing access to the full range of tickets as well as the option to purchase tickets online. Ticket options include season tickets from 7 days up to a year in length, as well as a PAYG option for maximum flexibility.

Tickets can be purchased in stations, while online purchases are seamlessly loaded onto the customer’s Smartcard when they pass through the ticket gate.
In the event of a customer losing or damaging their registered Smartcard, SPT’s customer support can simply reinstate any tickets or PAYG value onto a replacement card.

Customers also have the option to purchase an anonymous Smartcard in any Subway station, giving access to PAYG travel and season tickets up to 28 days in length.
Smartcard customers always benefit from the best value ticket options. With season tickets and PAYG credit, customers have less need to visit the ticket office or vending machine, while online ticket sales add further convenience.

What we are doing to integrate with other modes of transport

The Subway smart ticketing system is fully compliant with ITSO – the UK national standard for smart ticketing. This creates the potential for Subway Smartcards to be used for travel with other public transport operators (and vice versa).

These arrangements are already in place for ScotRail and Subway (please contact us if you would like to find out more), and SPT is continuing to work with Transport Scotland and other public transport operators to establish acceptance of smartcards across different operators.

How it works

The technology behind the Subway smart ticketing system is delivered by Nevis Technologies, a joint venture company between SPT and Rambus (a technology company based in East Kilbride). Nevis Technologies also supplies smart ticketing services to a number of other public transport operators in Scotland.