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Customer service standards

Buchanan Bus Information Stand

We are committed to providing excellent levels of service for our customers. You can help us to ensure our services meet our customers’ needs by letting us know when we get things right, when things could be done better, and when we get things wrong.

Our service standards

If you telephone us, we will:

  • Answer all calls promptly (usually within five rings);
  • Greet you politely and clearly – our staff will tell you their name and the name of their team;
  • If the staff member is not available, you will either be transferred to their voicemail or to another colleague;
  • On return to the office, the staff member will return your call within one working day or at a later point if that is agreed with you.

If you write to us by letter, email or fax, we will:

  • Reply to you within five working days of receipt. If we need more time to respond fully we will give you a timescale in our initial response letter;
  • Use plain English and avoid the use of jargon.

If you visit our offices for an appointment, we will:

  • Ask you to sign in and issue you with a visitors badge;
  • Immediately contact the person you are here to meet;
  • See you at the arranged time;
  • If you don’t have an appointment, we will arrange a suitable time for you to return.

If we visit you, we will:

  • Arrive on time for the meeting or appointment. If for any reason we are delayed, we will make every effort to contact you to explain this;
  • Arrive prepared and with appropriate information.

If you ask for information, we will:

  • Send you the appropriate information within 20 working days of your written request. In most cases this information will be free but we will tell you about any charges before the information is sent to you.
  • If we are unable to supply the information we will explain why that is the case. Learn more about Freedom of Information.