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Our strategic objectives

  1. Safety and Security
    To improve security and personal safety on the transport system.
  2. Modal Shift
    To increase the proportion of trips undertaken by walking, cycling and public transport.
  3. Excellent Transport System
    To enhance the attractiveness, reliability and integration of the transport network.
  4. Effectiveness and Efficiency
    To ensure the provision of an effective and efficient transport infrastructure and services to improve connectivity for people and freight.
  5. Access for All
    To promote and facilitate access that recognises the transport requirements for all.
  6. Environment and Health
    To improve health and protect the environment by minimising emissions and consumption of resources and energy by the transport system.
  7. Economy, Transport and Land-use Planning
    To support land-use planning strategies, regeneration and development by integrating transport provision.
  8. Corporate Management
    To provide effective and efficient management of the Partnership’s people and resources.
  9. Pursuit of Excellence
    To provide a high level of service based on the needs and expectations of customers.