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Regional Transport Strategy

The Transport (Scotland) Act 2005 placed a statutory duty on the seven Regional Transport Partnerships (RTPs) in Scotland to produce a Regional Transport Strategy (RTS) for their area. The RTS influences all of the future plans and activities of the organisation and informs future national and local transport strategies.

A Catalyst for Change
Download the Regional Transport Strategy for the west of Scotland, approved by the Scottish Government on 15 June 2008. PDF format, 5.4Mb.

RTS Delivery Plan 2018/19 – 2020/21
The RTS Delivery Plan 2018/19 – 2020/21 provides strategic guidance for SPT investments, service delivery, initiatives and policy developments over the next 3 years. PDF format, 688kb.

RTS Action Plans

A number of Action Plans have been developed as part of the Regional Transport Strategy. These can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Document name Format Date

Freight Strategy for Strathclyde

PDF (380kb) 02/02/18

Bus Action Plan

PDF (413kb) 01/01/08

Access to Education Action Plan

PDF (400kb) 01/11/09

Access to Healthcare Action Plan

PDF (389kb) 01/01/08

Integrated Ticketing Action Plan

PDF (416kb) 01/12/08

Park and Ride Action Plan

PDF (404kb) 01/01/08

Access to Rural Areas Action Plan

PDF (516kb) 01/09/09

Smarter Choices Action Plan

PDF (370kb) 01/01/08

Walking and Cycling Action Plan

PDF (398kb) 01/01/08
RTS Indicators

The RTS indicators are used to monitor regional transport trends and progress towards achieving RTS outcomes.

Download the Regional Transport Strategy Indicators (updated January 2020)

RTS Monitoring

RTS monitoring is carried out through the SPT Annual Report and the RTS indicators table. SPT Annual reports can be view here.

Local Transport Strategies

Local authorities throughout Scotland are required to prepare Local Transport Strategies (LTS) under the provisions of the Transport (Scotland) Act 2001. The main purpose of an LTS, is to set out a local authority’s strategy and proposals for transport over a three-year period.

Links to the LTS of 11 of the 12 councils which make up Strathclyde Partnership for Transport are published below. Argyll & Bute will publish its LTS shortly.